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Hello my name is Michael Merrill and welcome to Vital Health Research!

This website is a guide to achieve radiant health through natural and holistic practices passed down from our ancestors, confirmed by real science and my personal experiences. All modern disease and cancer can either be prevented and/or reversed through eating a nutrient dense diet, detoxification and killing infection. The modern world has spun an intricate web of toxic nutrition and health advice.

Vital Health Research offers the following health services:
 - Publish weekly health YouTube videos
 - Publish monthly health articles
 - Review health food products and only share the best
 - One-on-one health and nutrition coaching

In my younger years I ate the Standard American Diet and was sick and weak, diagnosed with incurable Crohn’s disease. Since 2014, I eat nutrient dense food correctly prepared guided by ancestral wisdom and I’m in the best health of my life and Crohn’s free.

If you are a fan of 100% grass-fed beef, forest raised pork, raw dairy, pasture raised chickens, bone broth, kombucha, wild-caught fish, Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Francis Pottenger, Dr. Bates, Dr. Mercola, fermentation and/or biodynamic farming practices then this is the place for you!

My Complete Story to Radiant Health

In my adolescent years I was not as strong and hardy as the other kids but got by alright. Ate like your average american but in college is when my serious health problems emerged.

We discovered I was afflicted with Crohn’s Disease after a visit to the doctor for frequent stomach pains.

Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is supposedly incurable and genetic. Multiple doctors informed me that food was irrelevant in digestive tract disorders and the only option is to suppress symptoms thru expensive and dangerous drugs for the rest of my life.

After a few years of withering away on different drugs, I started to explore alternative natural medicines. A nutritionist recommended I  try the GAPS diet and read “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by dentist Dr. Weston A. Price.

Secrets of Ancestrial Diets

In the 1930’s dentistry was in its early stages and Dr. Price wondered why certain people had the misfortune of cavities and misaligned teeth and others did not. Note this is before daily brushing was the norm. During this time the last corners of the Earth were being discovered along with their indigenous peoples.

Dr. Price saw these people in his National Geographic magazines and noticed they had beautiful perfect straight white teeth. So he decided to travel to the far reaches of the world to discover why their teeth were perfect. After visiting the first location it was clear poor nutrition was the cause of poor dental and overall health.

Isolated populations on their ancestral diets had perfect straight teeth with almost zero evidence of any signs of tooth decay. But when Dr. Price visited populations with access to the modern world and deviated from their traditional diets tooth decay and disease were rampant.

Dr. Price also visited isolated remnants of the Aztec empire. Some of these villages had tombs filled with skulls of their ancestors dating back countless generations. They examined thousands of skulls and every one had straight teeth with almost zero evidence of tooth decay.

Another man named George Catlin documented Native American life in the 1800’s. He would ask them about common medical conditions and they would look at him in utter confusion for they had never encountered them before. But when he visited the modern tribes that deviated from traditional diets health problems ran rampant.

List of More Great Doctors

Dr. Francis Pottenger conducted an experiment involving over 900 cats spanning roughly 10 years. He fed different groups of cats different diets and it was easily concluded nutrition is the key to vibrant health.

Dr. Bates formulated a method that restores your eyesight so you can throw away your glasses and contacts! Heal from cancer with Ty Bollinger. Alleviate your back pain with Esther Gokhale. All modern disease and disorders can be cured naturally!

Restore Your Health and Eat Delicious Foods

After such reading such things, I threw all my vile medications and offending foods in the trash. Originally I went on the GAPs diet and quickly regained my health. Now my diet consists of foods based off ancestral wisdom. In 2016 I began regular detox protocols to push my recovery further.

Im eating delicious foods that are both nutritiousing and filling. Lactose intolerant people can consume dairy if milk is raw from healthly pasture raised cows. Alcholalic beverages are probiotic super foods if prepared correctly with organic ingredients. Bacon, cream, butter and other delicious saturated fats are filled with vitamins A and D if from healthy animals. Sprinkle on as much unrefined salt as you desire.

Bread is extremely filling and nutritious if from organic ingredients, grains are soaked and risen with sough dough starter vs manufactored yeast. Coffee is nutritious if grown and prepared correctly. Eat nature's candies such as raw honey and fresh fruit. Replace soda with kombucha and kevita. Replace chocolate with cocao. There is a healthy answer to all of your carvings.

Almost everything we learned about food and health from school, TV and our doctors is wrong. Let this website be a helpful guide and aid to living a healthy life. 

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