Best Books on Diet, Health and Nutrition of All Time

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Must Read Books On Nutrition and Health

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  • Are you looking for the best books on health and nutrition?
  • Are you sick and tired of all the stupid fad diets and conflicting dietary advice?
  • Are you ready to heal from disease naturally with delicious and nutritious foods?
  • Are ready to kill Candida and other infections for good?

My name is Mike, I’ve cured myself 100% naturally from “incurable” digestive autoimmune disease. These must own books listed below helped me heal my leaky gut, destroy systemic candida infection and help you start feeling good now.

Disease and illness is caused by infectious bacteria and fungi that eat your insides, nutritional deficiencies and poor enzyme management. The books recommended below will clearly explore and explain naturopathic solutions to these health problems. These books are based on real science backed up by hard indisputable evidence.

If I had a time machine, I would tell my past self to buy and read these books instead of Harry Potter and Twilight. These hidden gems are filled with troves of invaluable holistic wisdom. I’ve read 100’s of diet books, 100’s of nutrition lab studies and 100’s of holistic articles and hand picked the best of the best books for you.

Let me save you from all the pain, time and money I’ve wasted.
Read the books listed below so you can get better faster.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price

The most important book ever written. In the 1930’s Dr. Price traveled to the most isolated parts of the world with his team and his wife Florence on his own dime. He witnessed that isolated populations still on their ancestral diets were immune to disease, dental decay and deformities. While populations on modern diets were not. Dr. Price documented this ancestral wisdom with hundreds of photos and supports it with indisputable scientific lab studies.

One of the locations Dr. Price visits is the High Andes of Peru. Here he found tribes rumored to be descendants of the Aztec empire. The Aztec buried their dead by placing their skulls in underground tombs. His team examined thousands of skulls and did not find one cavity or dental deformity. When I initially read this, I flushed my medications down the toilet for good.

Buy Nutrition and Physical Degeneration on Amazon

Pottenger’s Cats by Dr. Francis Pottenger Jr.

Dr. Pottenger fed one group of cats raw meat and raw milk and the other cooked meat and pasteurized milk. The milk and meat were from the same animal source. The raw food cats were extremely healthy and beautiful while the cooked food cats became so sick and diseased they could no longer reproduce by the third generation.

Pottenger also treated humans patients with these observations and Weston A. Price’s work in mind with spectacular results and shares this information. He witnessed children raised with these principles could do chin ups before the age of one! It is also a short and easy read.

Buy Pottenger’s Cats on Amazon

Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell

Dr. Edward Howell presents the most vital nutritional discovery since vitamins and minerals—food enzymes. Our digestive organs produce some enzymes internally, however food enzymes are necessary for optimal health and must come from uncooked foods such as raw dairy, dry-cured meats, fermented vegetables and properly prepared nuts and seeds.

This books cites a study where groups of rats are fed cooked vs raw food. The cooked food rats had an enlarged pancreas, the organ that creates digestive enzymes, while other organs like the heart and brain shrunk. The raw food rats had a normal sized pancreas along the brain and other organs. When we eat foods devoid of enzymes the pancreas steals nutrients from other organs. Dr. Howell shows us how to conserve enzymes which helps us boosts strength, maintain normal weight, fight disease and heal naturally.

Buy Enzyme Nutrition on Amazon

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Sally Fallon is president of the Weston A. Price Foundation which teaches ancestral dietary principles. The first part of this book debunks dangerous government dietary advice with indisputable evidence. Then it goes over Weston A. Price dietary principles followed a cookbook recipe section with instructions on how to prepare foods as our healthy “primitives” did. The book is also crammed with accurate independent scientific research that supports ancestral wisdom.

Buy Nourishing Traditions on Amazon

GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

I’m really on the edge about having this book on the list… Originally going on the GAPS and SCD diet greatly improved my condition but left me on a plateau for a long time. This book clearly explains that all disease even mental disorders starts in the gut. Antibiotics and poor nutrition allow bad bacteria and fungi to invade the GI tract and drill holes in your intestinal lining causing leaky gut. It prescribes a special no starch, bone broth, high animal fat and loosey Weston A. Price based diet as treatment.

Note: This book will greatly help anyone transitioning from the Standard American Diet but it could adhere to Weston A. Price dietary principles better. The big issue with book is that it completely ignores the root of the problem… bad bacteria and fungi that eat you from the inside out… but it clearly states the root of the problem multiple times.

Buy GAPS Diet on Amazon

(Raw) Milk Cure Diet by Dr. Porter

Raw Milk Cure Diet is a treatment book, based on the observations of Dr. Porter who spent over 41 years permanently curing or modifying disease in over 18,000 of his patients with the use of raw milk. This treatment dates back to the time of Hippocrates. This book also details the composition of raw milk, giving explanation to how it is able to offer a safe alternative to conventional treatments for chronic disease. The healing is dramatic and should not be feared but welcomed, for it is a true healing, not the suppression of symptoms.

Buy Milk Cure on Amazon

Candida: Killing so Sweetly by Bill Thompson

Candida and other flesh eating bacteria and fungi are the main cause of disease. This book quickly and clearly explains how they behave and how to kill them. Candida is not just a single celled yeast… it is a dimorphic fungus. When candida evolves into a fungus it starts to eat you from the inside out. It behaves like a alien monster from your favorite sci-fi movie. If you have a disease then you are infected by Candida and need to read this book and understand what you are dealing with.

Note: Take dietary advice in this book with a grain of celtic sea salt. It is a great resource for how pathogens behave and how to kill them.

Buy Candida: Killing so Sweetly on Amazon

Herbal Antibiotics by Stephen Harrod Buhner

With antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, herbal remedies present a naturally effective alternative to standard antibiotics. Herbal expert Stephen Harrod Buhner explains the roots of antibiotic resistance, explores the value of herbal treatments, and provides in-depth profiles of 30 valuable plants, noting the proper dosages, potential side effects, and contraindications of each.

Note: Take dietary advice in this book with a grain of celtic sea salt. It is a great resource for how pathogens behave and how to kill them with herbs.

Buy Herbal Antibiotics on Amazon

Charcoal Remedies by John Dinsley

Activated charcoal is the ultimate detoxification tool it binds and neutralizes toxic substances. This book serves not only as a reference book of medicinal charcoal facts, but also brings together a hundred and fifty different charcoal experiences of individuals from around the world. One story involves a man giving a speech about medical charcoal. At the start of the speech the speaker consumed 10 times the lethal dose of arsenic followed by an appropriate sized glass of activated charcoal water with no ill effects!

Note: Take dietary advice in this book with a grain of celtic sea salt. It is a great resource for how treat alignments with charcoal.

Buy Charcoal Remedies on Amazon

The Skin, Tongue and Nails Speak: Observational Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies by Donna Burka Wild

This book identifies nutritional insufficiencies using physical signs which appear on the surface of the body. The text includes other signs and symptoms for each deficiency, as well as rich food sources of the nutrients, diets to aid in the healing process and suggested augmentations with food-based nutritional and herbal supplements. It is an essential reference book for all doctors, health professionals, diagnosticians and holistic minded individuals.

Buy The Skin, Tongue and Nails Speak on Amazon

Read the Books Listed Above to Heal Now

Remember disease is caused by infectious bacteria and fungi that eat your insides, nutritional deficiencies and poor enzyme management. The books listed above gave me the knowledge to cure my “incurable” digestive autoimmune disease. These authors have also written a host of other great books. These books are the best of the best in natural health and wellness field.

Please comment below books that have greatly helped you on your healing journey.


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