Healthy Snacks: Jackson's Honest Potato Chips!

Published on Wed, 07/26/2017 - 09:37

Are you looking for a healthy snack food? A nutritious treat that is quick and easy? Something that you, your friends and family find delicious and tasty? Well you are in luck! We found a snack food that Weston A. Price, the king of nutrition, would indulge in. Healthy potato chips!

Watch Healthy Organic Potato Chips on Youtube
Watch the healhty potatoe chips review on YouTube.

Bet you are asking yourself why should trust this site? I have healed myself of an incurable digestive disorder 100% naturally. The math, science and logic to perfect health is quite simple and easy to follow. These potato chips are healthy because they are sprinkled with real sea salt, slow fried in coconut oil and made with organic heirloom potatoes.

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Honest Jackson's Sea Salt Potato ChipsHonest Jackson's Sweet Potato ChipsHonest Jackson's Purple Heirloom Potato ChipsHonest Jackson's Red Rippled Potato Chips

Organic Potatoes

Weston A. Price traveled the world and visited over 14 disease and cavity free tribes still on their ancestral diets. Many of these people ate various tubers such as regular and sweet potatoes. Tubers are a cross between seeds and roots but do not contain anti-nutrients therefore do not need to be sprouted. Be wary if you struggle with disease, cancer or illness for the bad parasitic bacteria and fungi love starch. Learn their insidious behavior and kill them natural infection fighting substances.

Woman in Andes Mountains of Peru Harvesting Potatoes
This woman collects potatoes from the Andes mountains in Peru. She is still on her ancestral diet and has a beautiful smile and skeletal structure. Her top dental arch is wide which allows the teeth plenty of room to grow in straight. A nutritious diet is so important to allow for proper skull formation which opens space for the brain, other vitals organs and arteries of the head.

Weston A. Price witnessed Peruvians that lived at nose bleed altitudes of 18,000ft that would carry heavy 200-300 pounds loads, day after day, up and down the mountain! Sweet potatoes and potatoes were a staple of their diet. Purple Heirloom potatoes, which contain 4 times the antioxidants of normal potatoes, are rumored to be reserved specially for Incan kings.

Natural Sea Salt

Salt is revered in all cultures and is often associated with fertility. Priests abstain from salt to suppress their sexual desires. It is tradition in many cultures at weddings for the bride and groom to carry salt in their pockets to promote fertility. Mice produce so rapidly in the presence of salt it was long believed that mice could reproduce asexual by simply standing in salt.

Refined salt is unnatural and the body struggles to utilize it. Next time you consume refined salt note how thirsty you feel. Unrefined salt regulates the oceans in our bodies. It is required in many chemical reactions in the body. Without it we would not be able to absorb food. It is also a powerful natural infection fighting agent used since the dawn of time to preserve meats.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very saturated and solid at room temperature which means it can be cooked with and still be edible. Most chips today are fried at high temperatures with rancid fragile oils that are liquid at room temperature. Coconut oil contains the highest concentration of lauric acid of any food. Acidic substances ward off alkaline loving bad parasitic bacteria and fungi.

Where to Buy Honest Jackson’s Nutritious and Decisions Potato Chips

These chips are starting to show up at your local organic grocery store. But it is also available to purchase on!

Honest Jackson's Sea Salt Potato ChipsHonest Jackson's Sweet Potato ChipsHonest Jackson's Purple Heirloom Potato ChipsHonest Jackson's Red Rippled Potato Chips


Eat Potatoes With an Enzyme Rich Food

Remember starches need to be cook in order to break down fiber. This leaves them enzyme deficient and hard to digest. Our ancestors knew this and many tribe would mix in human spit to help break down starch.

We can do this more hygienically with raw enzyme rich foods. Potato chips contain proteins, fats and carbs. Raw dairy contains enzymes that the breaks down all of these macronutrients. Raw cheese is another easy grab and go food. Cooked foods forces your body to create digestive enzymes and getting them naturally from raw/fermented foods. Save your body from senseless work.



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