Math, Science and Logic to Perfect Health

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Math, Science & Logic to Perfect Health. Health equals Nutrients times Enzymes divided by Metabolic Tasks divided by Infection.

Are you curious about the math to perfect health? Only using organic foods and natural remedies, I’m about 80% recovered from an incurable digestive disease and understand the simple math and logic behind it. Learn to quickly calculate how certain foods, injuries, medicines and remedies affect your overall health. The four big variables at play are Nutrients which get processed by Enzymes which carry out Metabolic Tasks divided by Infection equals overall Health.

Don’t know about you but growing up my father taught me math and science. These subjects had definite non-debatable answers. It was either right or wrong. The math and science of mother nature determine your health. If you understand this equation and how the numbers relate to one another then you will be able to make better health decisions. This equation will also help you evaluate good from bad advice.

Remember when you were first diagnosed with your life threatening health issue. Besides the feeling of pure fright and terror there was also confusion. You might have asked yourself questions like:

  • How is this possible?
  • How can I fix this without drugs?
  • If I eat healthy... Will I get better?
  • My friends and family eat and live similar to me. Why aren’t they sick?
  • How did the human race get this far without medical aid?
Weston A. Price Eskimo Immunity to Dental Decay

“Typical native Alaskan Eskimos. Note the broad faces and broad arches and no dental caries (tooth decay). Upper left, woman has a broken lower tooth. She has had twenty-six children with no tooth decay. The man in the lower left has worn down his teeth by tanning leather but still no tooth decay or dental issues.”
- Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

We can live in perfect health if we adhere to mother nature’s design. Our ancestor’s observed in Weston A. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, lived and ate to this design. The people he studied were immune to all illness and disease, even dental cavities and crooked teeth. Modern man has lost sight of this design and now suffers from chronic disease and illness.

“Nature is a relentless accountant. Her records are indelibly etched into the protoplasm of our tissues.”
- Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell

Your body is always right and is always doing its best to survive and thrive. If acne erupts on your face, this isn’t your body going rogue. The body is doing what it must to survive. When skin issues arise it is usually a sign of high toxicity and infection in the body. The body is so toxic it must push toxins thru the skin to survive. Lets dive into this equation to better help our body thrive as designed by mother nature!


If all the nutrients you required were magically deposited into your body chances are you will NOT achieve radiant health. You must understand the critical role of Enzymes and the devastation of Infection. Enzymes process all the Nutrients in your body. Infection slowly feasts on you from the inside out. We must understand all the variables at play and how they affect one another.

Health’s Numeric Range

This number ranges from 0-100. Perfect health equals 100 where death equals 0. Minor disease such as poor eyesight and cavities show up around 75. Chronic disease and cancer show up around 50.

The natives on their traditional diets that Weston A. Price studied and Francis Pottenger's raw food cats are examples of perfect health. They lived and ate according to mother nature’s design which resulted in immunity to dental cavities, poor eyesight, infectious and chronic disease. They also exhibited superior strength, intelligence and reproduced with ease.

Weston A. Price Gaelics Brothers One with Tooth Decay the Other with none.

“The brother on the left had excellent teeth and on the right rampant cavities. They grew up eating at the same table. The older boy, with excellent teeth, was still enjoying primitive food of sprouted/sourdough oatmeal and oatcake and sea foods with raw dairy products. The younger boy, seen to the left, had extensive tooth decay. Many teeth were missing including two in the front. He insisted on having white bread, jam, highly sweetened coffee and also sweet chocolates. His father told me with deep concern how difficult it was for this boy to get up in the morning and go to work”
- Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

  - Infection -

Infection are bad pathogenic bacteria and fungi that ravage your body from the inside out. The eradication of infection is the most important step to vibrant health. These monsters will pillage your organs and tissues, steal your nutrients, shit in your bloodstream and rape your cells until you are dead. Read about these villains and how to kill them here:

 -/+ Metabolic Tasks -/+

Your metabolism is all the chemical reactions needed to sustain life. Everything your body does requires chemical reactions and Nutrients. Simple unconscious tasks such as thought, touch, smell, sight, breath, blood circulation, etc... involve thousands of chemical reactions and Nutrients to perform. Other Metabolic Tasks include regeneration of organs and tissues, detoxification and immune system operations. Imagine a big todo list billions of tasks long that is forever growing and re-prioritizing. If this list grows too large the body falls behind and health starts to suffer.

 + Enzymes +

Enzymes are specially crafted organic proteins that do chemical reactions. Enzymes process Nutrients to complete Metabolic Tasks. When we have more Enzymes our body is able to complete more Metabolic Tasks. The completion of a Metabolic Task results in improved Health.

 + Nutrients +

Nutrients are the raw materials our body needs to survive and thrive which include energy, vitamins, minerals and all the other unidentified organic compounds. Each Metabolic Task requires a different sets of Nutrients. Nutrients are processed by Enzymes to complete Metabolic Tasks.

Health Overview

At all times your body completes Metabolic Tasks by utilizing Nutrients with Enzymes. Infection sabotages this system's efficiency by stealing Nutrients and reaping destruction. This destruction adds unnecessary Metabolic Tasks which drain Nutrients and Enzyme resources.

Think of your body as a building. Imagine your workers are Enzymes that process Nutrients or raw materials. Metabolic Tasks come from the building blueprints and foremen. The building project will suffer in quality if it is not managed properly and if vandals and looters break in every night to break and steal stuff.

Perfect Health Equation Enzymes Nutrients Metabolism Infection Compared to Building


This represents the Nutrients present in the body. Vitamins, minerals, energy and all the other various organic compounds and chemicals the body needs to thrive. We increase this number by eating nutritious foods. Best example of a perfect human diet is in Weston A. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

There is a lot of confusion right now on a perfect human diet because of corruption and stupidity. Weston A. Price extensively studied multiple human populations with perfect health in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. This clears up all confusion, no more illogical debate, this is Math and Science class not English. Let’s move on.

Weston A. Price Skull Thickness Modern vs Traditional Diet Florida Indians Native Americans

“Example of greater thickness of pre-Columbian Indian skulls in Florida than modern skulls. A thick skull is a good thing. It protects the brain.”
- Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

Nutrients Numeric Range

This number ranges from 0-100. If this number reaches 0 you die. If this number is 100, that is great but it does not guarantee perfect health.

+ Nutritious Meals +

If your body is a building, think of Nutrients as all of the raw materials required to build then operate this structure. In the construction phase you need brick, mortar, steel, nails, etc. You need gas and electricity to power all of the heavy machinery. The inventory list grows pretty massive.

Even when the building is complete. It is in a constant state of repair and materials are needed. A nutritious diet is how we bring in these raw materials. Remember nutrients don’t magically turn into flesh and blood they are processed by Enzymes.

There is a vast array of Nutrients that we have even yet to define. The government nutritional guidelines are crap and a crime against humanity. For example, name a food with Vitamin-A. If you said something like, “True Vitamin-A or Retinol is only found in organ meats. Mainly liver, cream and egg yolks.” Great you get a gold star. If you said Carrots or squash. Wrong, you get nothing! Learn about real Vitamin-A here.

- Empty Calories -

Eating empty calorie foods like white bread and refined sugar actually drain Nutrients from the body. Even though food is coming in, Nutrients is going out. It takes vitamins, minerals and Enzymes to process energy. Whole foods come paired with these Nutrients but refined foods don’t. This forces the body to withdraw from your body’s Nutrient bank.

- Everything Cost Nutrients, Everything -

Everything your body does requires the consumption of Nutrients. You burn Nutrients while you sleep. You burn Nutrients to sustain body temperature. You burn Nutrients to digest food. Everything costs Nutrients. Nothing is free, everything has a Nutritional price. It costs Nutrients to think and see. Keep that in mind. Thinking and remembering… its costs Nutrients and Enzymes!

Nutrients Overview

Nutrients are processed by Enzymes to create and function our bodies. Read Weston A. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration to get multiple examples of a perfect human diet. There is no other Nutritional study that comes close.

Price Pottenger Tribal Food Cavity Chart Traditional vs Modern Diet

You can also refer to this chart made by Price and Pottenger Foundation.


Enzymes process Nutrients to create our physical body and carry out bodily function. Enzymes are the workers that carry out your Metabolic Tasks List. Your Metabolic Tasks List are all the chemical reactions that need to happen in order for your body to sustain life. Enzymes are special organic proteins that make chemical reactions happen. It is estimated that over 50% of our protein utilization goes to Enzyme production. It require Enzymes to make Enzymes. There are three types of Enzymes:

  • Digestive: Created by your pancreas to digest our food
  • Raw Food: Found in raw foods and help digest our food
  • Metabolic: Carry about billions of chemical reactions that happen every second to sustain life

“Without Enzymes we would be a useless pile of vitamins and minerals”
- Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell

Basic Characteristics of Enzymes:

  • Temperatures above 115 degrees fahrenheit destroy Enzymes
  • The digestive tract and skin absorb Enzymes
  • Enzymes have a limited life span and only perform a finite number of chemical reactions
  • Enzymes perform slower in the cold and faster in warm temperatures
  • Enzymes can be supplemented to make cooked food easier to digest
  • Your body only secretes the Enzymes needed to digest current meal
  • Foods devoid of Enzymes cause GI tract inflammation
  • Foods devoid of Enzymes cause the pancreas to steal nutrients from other parts of your body

Read Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell. There are many mind blowing studies in this book that support the vital role of Enzymes.

Enzymes Numeric Range

The Enzyme score ranges from 0.00 and 1.00. Minor disease such as poor eyesight and cavities show up around 0.75 and chronic disease around .50. If this number reaches 0.0, you die. Enzymes carry out the Metabolic Tasks List by processing Nutrients. If there are no Enzymes to carry about the chemical reactions essential to life… you die, it’s that simple.

The book Pottenger’s Cats is a prime example of how this number operates. Pottenger fed two groups of cats meat and milk from the same source. One group, the food was given raw and the other cooked/pasteurized. The raw food cats had and Enzyme score of 1.00 which resulted in superior health. The cooked food cats had an ever declining Enzyme score which resulted in disease then death.

“Note imperfect alignment of teeth and overall lack of skull symmetry of cooked food cats vs raw food cats. Proper skeletal structure cannot form on an Enzyme deficient diet of cooked food.”
- Pottenger’s Cats by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr.

+ Fermented & Certain Raw Foods +

Most raw foods and fermented foods are rich in Enzymes which saves our body from the burden of digestion. It is smarter to use the Enzymes from raw foods to digest food. Otherwise our body has to use precious Nutrients and Enzymes to make digestive Enzymes. Remember, the digestive tract absorbs Enzymes. We are the only animals that cook our food. All animals have something called a Food Enzyme Stomach. This stomach doesn’t secrete Enzymes it just allows raw food to digest themselves in their own Enzymes. The upper part of the stomach is where the human food enzyme stomach resides.

+ Rest, Sleep & Fasting +

When we sleep there are less Metabolic Tasks required from the body. The body no longer has to touch, see, feel, think, etc. This frees up Enzymes to work on other Metabolic Tasks such as detoxification, fighting infection, healing tissues and organs. This is why we heal better when we sleep. Digestion diverts a lot of Enzymatic activity from the rest of the body. Fasting frees up these Enzymes to do Metabolic Tasks instead of digestion.

- Raw Nuts, Seeds & Grains Contain Enzyme Inhibits -

Usually people run to raw nuts when told about the importance of raw foods and Enzymes. This is wrong and dangerous. Nuts, seeds and grains contain Enzyme Inhibitors until they are sprouted. This is mother nature’s way of protecting plant seeds until growing conditions are right. Cooking also deactivates some of these anti-nutrients. Weston A. Price’s studied cultures sprouted, ground, fermented then cooked their nuts, seeds and grains.

Chicken, Squirrel and Human digestive systems. Why you should sprout your nuts, seeds and grains.

Animals that eat seeds on a regular basis sprout their seeds. Many birds have a special organ called the crop which sits right before the stomach that collects seeds and keeps them moist. Once the seeds sprout they go into the gizzard which is a special stomach with a built in grain mill. Squirrels have twice the digestive hardware as humans and they still sprout their nuts. Look to mother nature for digestive solutions.

- Cooked & Refined Foods Steal Nutrients From Your Body -

When we eat cooked foods without their natural Enzymes in them, our pancreas must beg for nutrients from other parts of the body. This causes the pancreas to become enlarged and shrinks other organs. In Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell he references a rat study where they feed one group of rats cooked food and the other raw food. The raw food rat’s brains were twice as big as the cooked food rats!

Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell: Brain Weights of Wild and Lab Animals

- Everything Requires Enzymes, Everything -

Just like Nutrients… nothing in this life is free. Everything your body does requires Enzymatic activity. Your Enzymes will have the ability to work on more Metabolic Tasks while you sleep because it does not have to process awake activities such a touch, smell, sight, thought, etc. Keep this in mind. Everything costs Enzymatic activity. Everything, it costs Enzymes to make Enzymes. It costs massive Enzymes to digest food.

Enzymes Overview

Enzymes process nutrients to create your body and carry out bodily function. They complete your Metabolic Tasks List by sparking chemical reactions. They are very expensive to make and your body goes to great lengths to conserve them. Read Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell fully understand how Enzymes work.


Infection are the parasitic bad bacteria and fungi that burrow inside you and slowly eat you from the inside out. Contrary to popular belief, all disease, cancer and illness is caused by these pathogenic bad guys. When your body’s immune system rages war against foreign invaders it has a high Nutritional and Enzymatic cost and it also adds a lot of Metabolic Tasks. Infection is the biggest stress factor on your body.

The defeat of Infection is the most important factor in your health! Read the best article on the internet about infection. Learn about these little bastards and all the chaos and destruction they cause.

Dimorphic Candida infection Yeast vs Fungal Form of the blood

A minor Candida-yeast blood infection morphing into chronic parasitic Candida-fungal infection. Candida is a dimorphic fungus meaning is can evolve and devolve like a Pokemon.

Infection Number Range

This number ranges from 1.0-1.5. Disease free and robust health is 1.0. People with plagues and late stages of AIDS are around 1.5. Your average livable chronic disease conditions are around 1.3-1.4. Minor disease like poor vision and cavities show up around 1.1-1.2. Due to the nature of Infection and how it affects the body… this number can can slowly build at first then quickly snowball out of control as the infection grows.

+ Natural Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungals & Nourish Immune System +

Your immune system is constantly at war against pathogens. These are small bad bacteria and fungi trying to eat you from the inside out. Disease, cancer and chronic illness start to develope when your immune system shifts to the losing side of the war. In order to win this war you must understand natural infection fighting substances.

Natural anti-pathogenics are greatly misunderstood, even by the best holistic doctors. There is a lot of debate in this field but again we are talking Math and Science, this isn’t English class. Either a substance kills bad guys and empowers the good bacteria and fungi or it doesn’t. It’s incredibly simple. Google lab studies, does X substance kill Y bacteria/fungi. Yes or No. Its that easy and simple.

Natural Infection Fighting , Antibacterial, Anticancer, Antifungal and Antiseptic Remedies

This is all hashed out in our Natural Anti-Pathogenic Substances article. It is the only article of its kind on the internet. You will be able to easily identify disease fighting substances and why they work. Dairy, another amazing food greatly misunderstood, it’s your immune system’s best friend. Did you know raw dairy has antibodies and white blood cells in it?! Seriously read this anti-pathogen article and you will vanquish your foreign invaders.

Plants have battled infection since the dawn of time. They are masters of chemical warfare. They have developed a vast array of chemicals that kill bad guys and leave the good alone. And they taste good! When you eat herbal remedies and spices you are boosting your immune system with powerful chemicals and nutrients.

Read this article to learn more about their destructive behaviour.
Read this article to learn more about natural infection fighting remedies.

- Medical Antibiotics Cause Fungal Infections -

Medical antibiotics are one of the main causes of diseases. It kills all bad and good bacteria which causes yeast, a single celled fungus, to grow out of control and evolve into a multi-celluar fungus. The medical community knows this but they are money hunger murders or stupid man-slaughters. When antibiotics were first prescribed they use to always prescribe anti-fungals afterwards. But they stopped doing that because it’s good for business or stupidity. These mistakes are inexcusable and killing people. Read the natural anti-bacterial article before going off antibiotics.

How Antibiotics cause fungal infections.

- Infection Loves Starch -

A lot of disease fighting protocols call for a low carb diet such as AutoImmune Paleo, Specific Carbohydrate and GAPS Diet. People usually experience great results when first on these diets but feel terrible when they try to bring starches back. Starches are bad guys favorite food. Plus most people do not prepare starchy foods correctly which puts tons of stress on the body.

Let’s do the math on unsprouted wheat bread:

  • Enzymes Inhibitors put stress on your Enzymes, Nutrients and Metabolic Tasks
  • Feeds infection which puts stress on your Enzymes, Nutrients and Metabolic Tasks
  • Grains needs to be cooked so it puts stress on Enzymes, Nutrients and Metabolic Tasks
  • If sprayed with Glyphosate that puts stress on Enzymes, Nutrients and Metabolic Tasks
  • See how starches can quickly spiral out of control?

Starches are good for you when your infection is under control and properly prepared.

Infection overview

Infection is the most important factor in your health. The bad parasitic bacteria and fungi feasting on your flesh and blood put an huge toll on your body. Medical antibiotics and starches will make an infection worse. Proper diet with Weston A. Price and Pottenger principles will nourish the immune system and body. Infection must be confronted with natural infection fighting remedies. You cannot starve them out. You must nuke them will natural anti-bacterials and anti-fungals.

Metabolic Tasks

This number ranges from 1.0-1.4. When this number is 1 the list is small and the body is able to jump on tasks quickly. When this number reaches 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 the body has a hard time keeping up with tasks and health suffers. Someone with Metabolic Tasks getting out of hand would look like this 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2 to 1.3. Someone who is getting their Metabolic Tasks under control would look like this 1.4 to 1.3 to 1.2 to 1.1.

It is just like your todo list at work. When you are managed by a good manager, they will spare you from unnecessary work and make sure you have the resources needed to complete the vital work. Same principle applies to your health, you are the manager and the Enzymes are your workers. Manage them correctly and they will treat you well. Unnecessary work and stress will piss them off and your health will suffer.

Imagine Metabolic Tasks as a big todo list body needs to complete. The body needs to think, see, smell, touch, heal, detox, breath, pump blood, etc… The list is constantly expanding and re-prioritizing. Your metabolism is all the chemical reactions in your body that need to happen to sustain life.

Each task is a chemical reaction carried out by Enzymes to fuze or breakdown Nutrients. Eat the right nutrients and manage your Enzymes correctly and Metabolic Tasks will get completed quickly.

Raw Milk Cure Diet by Dr. Porter

“Every unnecessary drain must be stopped to allow the vital organs to rebuild and restore themselves. The more complete the inactivity of the external muscles, the brain and nervous system, the sexual organs, the better the prospect of restoring the normal function of the other organs provided plenty of blood is supplied.”
- (Raw) Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease by Charles Sanford Porter

+ Vanquish Infection +

Infection creates an endless amount of Metabolic Tasks which drains Enzymes and Nutrients from the body. Imagine if a foreign army stepped foot in your country. What are some of the tasks required to address the treat?

  • Train, feed, arm and deploy soldiers
  • Train, feed, educate and deploy generals
  • Train, feed, educate and deploy arms and ammo manufacturing plants
  • Fix damage caused by warfare
  • The list goes on and on and on

When foreign invaders enter your body the Metabolic Tasks List grows out of control in a very similar fashion. You have to arm and prepare your immune system. Then a repair crew need to come clean up the mess and repairs tissue and organs. It is cost a ton of Enzymes and Nutrients.

+ Enzyme Managment +

Metabolic Tasks are carried out by your Enzymes. Enzymes process nutrients to complete Metabolic Tasks. They are your workforce. Treat them kindly. Save them from unnecessary work by eating raw and fermented foods, fasting, rest, getting enough sleep and most importantly eradicating infection. Read Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell for a full Enzyme management 101.

+ Get The Right Nutrients +

Metabolic Tasks cannot be completed unless the body has the correct Nutrients or build blocks for Enzymes to process. Please refer Weston A. Price and Francis Pottenger on what foods to eat. Take everyone else’s advice with a HUGE grain of Celtic sea salt. Weston A. Price already laid out a multiple examples of a perfect human diet look no further. Refer to this chart by Price Pottenger foundation for a quick overview.

Metabolic Tasks List Overview

Your Metabolic Tasks are all the chemical reactions that need to happen to sustain life. When a Metabolic Task is completed you gain health. Enzymes are the workers of the body and carry out these chemical reactions. Enzymes need the correct nutrients to complete Metabolic Tasks. You are the manager of your own body. Manage your workers and resources correctly to keep operations running smoothly.

How to use this equation

This article has been going on long enough. Our YouTube videos, Facebook posts and articles refer to this equation. Keep this equation in the back on your mind. Once you understand the basic principles it is easy to determine whether eating something or performing a remedy will result in gaining or losing health. This calculation takes the blink of an eye.

I find it really useful when I get sick. It allows me to retrace my steps and logically determine what threw my body out of order.

Math, Science & Logic to Perfect Health. Health equals Nutrients times Enzymes divided by Metabolic Tasks divided by Infection.


There you have it! We repeated ourselves a lot in this article but these basic principle are how you unlock perfect health. This is the simple math, science and logic behind perfect health. You don’t have to run this equation through a calculator. Just understand how each variable relates to one another and you will see dramatic gains in your health. Ask yourself how an “event”, whether it’s eating, sleeping, exercising, taking a drug going to factor into this equation? Remember, these last parting points will benefit you the most:

P.S. FIGHT INFECTION NATURALLY. It is the biggest factor in reclaiming your health. It adds an endless number of unnecessary Metabolic Tasks which drains Enzymes and Nutrients.

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